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Custodial Services


At Integrity, we know that a key factor in achieving your mission starts with how your organization is represented to internal and external customers. The result of the services we perform is reflected to everyone that comes into contact with your facility. Our fully-trained and carefully supervised workforce delivers a complete service solution to ensure customer satisfaction

Clean Management Program

Integrity's Cleaning Management Programs start with aligning your expectations with our service delivery on all levels. Our use of green cleaning products leverages sustainability to ensure that your offices, classrooms, meeting rooms, cafeterias, and restrooms are not only clean but safe.

Our three-pronged approach to quality control consists of validating scope completion, measuring the appearance of facilities, and gauging customer satisfaction. 

Integrity's comprehensive Start-Up and Change Management process effectively mitigates the risk of change. The transition from your current program to Integrity's will be seamless due to our detailed planning, consideration of all aspects of change, and including members of your team for critical input. 


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